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tech news: how do the new iPhones compare?  $1000 for a phone?


  1. if you have not taken the images for your Cloned Self Portrait then start with that task first.
  2. complete your Cloned Self Portrait today.
  3. next up:  Combining images with Layer Masks


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Creating shadows in After Effects


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today we are in room 127

Arduino introduction


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today – the Arduino adventure begins

-old RC cars – no remote needed.  Note that the car will NOT work again after we hack them.  They will never work.
-small speakers – like from a radio or one of those audio greeting cards


1 Arduino board
1 breadboard
1 USB cable
1 resistor
2 jumper wires

Part 1 BLINK

  1. attach the Arduino to the USB cable
  2. attach the cable to the USB port on the back of the computer
  3. search your computer for Arduino
  4. from the Arduino program click on File, Examples, Basics and choose Blink
  5. click on the ARROW at the top menu bar. Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.55.34 PM
    This compiles your sketch (program) and uploads it to the Arduino.
  6. IF IT WORKS the small orange LED on the board will blink.  Now go back into the sketch and change the delay(1000) value to a smaller or larger number.  Upload again.
  7. IF IT DOESN’T WORK – relax.  Click on Tools, Port and choose the lowest option on the drop down menu.


  1. unplug your Arduino from the USB cable.
  2. grab an LED
  3. insert the long leg (wire) of the LED into the pin labeled 13.
  4. insert the short leg into the ping labeled GND (ground).
  5. plug the USB cable back in.  What happens?


  1. grab your breadboard and duplicate this circuit BELOW.  Click to enlarge the image.  We will do this together on the big screen as well.
  2. once you reconnect your Arduino the red LED should start blinking along with the small orange LED on the Arduino.
  3. add two more LEDs like this.redyellowgreenLED_bb
  4. how can you get the new LEDs to blink like the red LED?  We will explore this together by modifying the Blink sketch.

Part 4: color changing RGB LED

Ok so now try one on your own.  Grab an RGB LED and follow this short tutorial.  You will recycle your wires and resistors for this project.

QR Code to Portfolio

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In this project you will create a QR code and marketing piece that will link to your Computer Graphics Digital Portfolio.   These pieces will be displayed in the Drake hallways.2014sampleqrportfolio

the BIG steps
1. make your Digital Portfolio PUBLIC
2. grab the URL from your portfolio and create the QR code
3. create a page in Photoshop to layout your marketing piece

Make your Digital Portfolio PUBLIC

1. remove your last name
2. make it public – here’s how

Create the QR code
1. use the URL for your Portfolio and go to kaywa.com
2. create the QR code and save it
3. open the QR and customize it in Photoshop.  Consider how you can change the code to make it interesting yet still work.
4. test test test and then save it

The marketing piece
1. create an 11 inch wide, 8.5 inch high image – 180 dpi
2. place your MODIFIED QR code on your image
3. show your viewer that they have to click the code to view your portfolio
4. place at least two images – no more than five – of your graphic works on the image
5. include your FIRST name and “created in Computer Graphics”.
6. save it.
7. print it.


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The waterproof quadcopter that follows and films you.

Next project: the Magazine Cover Project

2-23-15 Milstead’s group

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Welcome back

1. Open up Inkscape on your computer.  This will take at least 20 minutes to launch so I want you to start it NOW.  Trust me.

2. Continue work on your dream structure project.  Click here for details.  


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So I’m out sick.  That cough caught me.  Stay healthy everyone.

Computer Graphics– check your portfolio to make sure you have completed the following:
Hybrid Animal
This Doesn’t Belong
Haunted House
Photoshop Time Travel
QR code redo (3rd period we haven’t done this yet)
Combining images with layer mask
The Content Aware Project

Advanced Computer Graphics – no laser cutting until I get back on Tuesday.  Today’s work:

1. I cut out the four hearts for Ms. Defino in the library.  Please drop them off.
2. Work on your final designs for the online store.

Computer Programming/AP Comp Sci – continue work as assigned.


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Lesson plans for the day:

Computer Graphics
Review and begin the Post Apocalyptic house project.


The following MUST happen before the end of the period:
1. post remaining flyers about price increase in hallways, etc.
2. use FB, etc to spread the word that the yearbook price goes up Friday, January 30th.
3. Tate and Sophie – give Mr. Rice a hard copy of the superlative voting sheet.  I don’t know if he has plans to give input once more.  Check with him to make sure that the final list is approved and then make copies on the office copier.  Double sided to save some paper.  Check with Jolie for the yearbook copy code.

Computer Programming – continue work as assigned.

Sub plans 1-16-15

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Computer Graphics – click here


1. Here’s what I asked Tanya to send out to parents, Facebook and Twitter:

The Drake Yearbook is almost sold out!  Buy your 2015 Yearbook today by credit card at http://www.drakeyearbook.com/buy-your-yearbook/ or by check at the Drake Budget office.  Please make checks payable to “Drake Yearbook” for $95.00.  The price goes up on Monday, 1/26.  Last year we ran out of books – act now.

Please put the same, or similar message, out to your friends.

2. Daisy – can you run copies of the poster that you created yesterday and get them approved by Tanya?  We need to get them posted today.  The same image can go out on Instragram, etc.

3. Review your assigned spread and email me your plans for how you will get copy and photographs.  Send it to rmilstead@gmail.com with the name of your spread in the subject line.

4. Finish addressing any revisions that Daisy gave you on your last spread.  Unfinished spreads should be finished today.

And enjoy your three day weekend!

Computer Programming/AP Computer Science – continue work as assigned.

And enjoy your three day weekend.

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