Googlester? Napoogle?

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Rumors abound that Google is looking to acquire Napster and add online music to it’s current offerings.  Google denies everything and Napster/Roxio remain quiet. 

Garbage Scout

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In many urban areas there exists a culture of citizen scavengers.  Recyclers. Dumpster divers.  Call them what you will.  These energetic souls are skilled at finding gold in the garbage of others.  Some sell the stuff (eBay, Craigslist) while others use their finds for personal gain (furnish their apartment).

 New York City is a forerunner of this habit. meets the need.  This site is an interesting mashup of google maps and images emailed sent from cell phones.  The result: a map showing photographs and locations of garbage goodies.


January 30, 2006 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment is run by Tam High Student James Young.  He charges for advertising on his site and then encourages visitors to name a site as pro or anti- George W. Bush.  The advertiser with the most points wins.  What do the win?  No clue.

The site’s owner is trying to develop a social networking culture around FacePace.  Visit his site and wish him luck.

SF top in Wifi

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SF is number on ethe country when it comes to the number of free and pay wireless hotspots according to an article in the Chronicle.  Widespread wifi gives people more freedome when it comes to accessing info that they want/need and increases the trend toward cutting the cord to the desktop.

Happy 20th Anniversary to the PC virus!

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Million Dollar Homepage Hacked

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Our hero Alan Tew has experienced the dark side of success and fortune; his site was hacked and held for ransom.  Read the drama here:

50 Milleseconds

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In 50 milleseconds I’ll decide if I like your site:

Myspace sold for $580 million- will it change?

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Myspace has become the most successful social networking site by maintaining a friendly, easy to use service with little corporate intrusion.  Will the recent acquisition by News Corp change things at myspace?  Read the CNN article and see for yourself:

$175 to learn how to use your iPod

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UK department store Selfridges is charging customer for a 40 minute “How to use your iPod” session.

Teens predict the demise of the gasoline powered car

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That’s right.  Thirty-three percent of surveyed teens feel that the gas powered car will be obsolete by 2015.

Read more from the recent MIT poll about the future of the phone and desktop computer.

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