Hard drives die

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It’s true.  Hard drives die.  Usually, one has to live through the loss of all that precious data to realize this truth.  It happned to some friends of mine a few months ago and it will probably happen to some of us.

Lifehacker has put together a great guide to creating an automatic backup for your hard drive.  Highly recommended.

The only issue that this guide doesn’t touch on is what to do with your backup.  While external hard drives offer the most convenient way to backup your files, CD/DVD’s offer low cost storage that you can mail to someone out of state.  Every few months, burn the good stuff to a CD or DVD and stash it somewhere other than your house.

Let’s hope that you never need it.

Google is more friend than foe?

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Yahoo buys Webjay

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Yahoo has purchased webjay.com for an undisclosed amount. Interesting for two reasons:

1) Webjay allows users to share their playlists online.  Some predict that this is the future of online music.

2) The Chronicle says that Webjay is a one-person company.  Imagine creating a company that is bought by a major player like Yahoo.  Hey, it happened to hotmail, too.

CNET’s best in show- CES

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http://www.cnet.com/4520-11405_1-6398234-1.html– video

Macworld Rumors

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Engadget offers a rumor roundup of possibilities on the eve of Macworld.  Hard to believe that they will reveal another iPod model; I think that their attention will turn to the Tivo possibilities of their computers.

Videos from CES

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SF Chron Monday Tech

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David Einstein suggests wise use of Wikipedia for acadmic purposes.

Apple fans wait for the next product reveal at MacWorld.

Google’s latest offerings

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Google introduced two new offerings at CES. 

Google Pack: a suite of software that you can download from pack.google.com.  Some suggest that this is another, more significant step towards directly competing with Microsoft.

Google Video Store: ANYONE can upload their video to this site and sell it.   CBS network programs and NBA games are part of the official offerings which will be iPod/PSP compatible.


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Google’s Larry Page speaks at CES

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I haven’t watched I watched some of Larry Page’s CES keynote and it seemed to be shorter than Bill’s but with fewer thrills: here’s the link– tell me what you think..

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