Apple’s fun new products

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Live transcript here:

Mobile Internet

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Work in progress…


Wifi stats:

Top wifi cities:

Old News: Billionth iTunes song downloaded

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A teenager in Michigan received a ton of good stuff for his 99 cent purchase- read the official story here:

Helium is so boring

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Let’s fill our balloons with something that our guests will really get a bang out of!

060207carblast.jpgDon’t try this at home.  Or your car.  Or anywhere else.

Photo of Rumored Touchscreen Video Ipod

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Read the rumors and comments at:

NOW-see how this image was created in PhotoShop:
or this link (which crashed IE for me)

WAIT- THERE’S MORE- A lively discussion suggesting that the video tutorial “How to create a fake video iPod” is a FAKE VIDEO.  Does this  mean that the image above is real and someone has thrown us off the scent?  Read on:

Forget school surveillance cameras-let’s get a robot!

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A primary school in Tokyo is testing a robotic version of Lena, Pat and Rich.  I will point out that it will lack their personality and good humor but does have a card reader toscans the little darling’s ID cards.

Dotcomu has the straight version of the story:

The Gizmodo version is much funnier: 


Choosing your domain name

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Much has been written about choosing a domain; this post sticks to the nitty-gritty of actually buying one.

Two good resources:|– helps you to create a domain from keywords.– reliable, reasonably priced domains.

Stunning news: People Use the Internet for Fun

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The Chron has the stats to back this up:

The complete Pew Charitable Trust study can be found at:

Custom printed M&M’s

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That’s right- order the latest in customization online.  Brilliant.

Flying cars- again

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Every few years a new venture joins the dream of cars that fly.  As traffic worsens and commutes lengthen, the dream comes closer to reality.  This time around it is busily bolting wings onto an SUV.  This team is headed by a winner of the prestigious Lemelson Prize for invention.

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