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Read Engadget’s post  about the  investment buzz surrounding the soon to be born  “iPhone”.  Or just drool over this convincing, yet fake, ad.

Google buys Writely

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And why do you care?  Because Writely offers a free, online word processor that works through a browser.  No software, no downloading.  The fact that Google bought the company supports the theory that Google is getting ready to start competing with Microsoft by offering products similar to Word, PowerPoint and Excel for use online. 

Microsoft has made its money by selling and licensing software one copy at a time.  You buy it, you install it, you use it on ONLY one computer.  In the world of web-based software, you are no longer tied to one computer.  Store your files online, or on a flash drive, and work wherever you find an Internet connection.

This could be the future of software.  Stay tuned.

Web 2.0 interview

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Web 2.0 is being positioned, some say artificially, as the next phase in the growth of the web.  Phase 1 was the development of basic sites as well as the dot come boom and bust.  The next phase involves more user collaboration and increasingly interatives sites like del.icio.us and flickr. 

The Washington Post held a live, online interview with Doug Addison, author of the Web Site Cookbook.  He shares his views on Web 2.0 and answers some good questions like:

  • What interesting trends are you seeing in Web design today?
  • I’m a wanna-be webmaster. Where’s a good (free) place on the web to learn (ie tutorials)?
  • What’s the best web programming language out there?

Follow the link for the interview. 


Creator of the cubicle regrets what it has become

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Peter- I'm gonna need you to come in this weekend.As someone who has spent a decent part of my working life, to date, in a cubicle, I was fascinated to learn that the architect of the office cubicle regrets how his concept has evolved.  Bob Probst originated the design to encourage open communication within a white collar workplace.  He never intended to create a grey warren of little boxes with workers peaking over the sides like prairie dogs.

Read the full article and view the full gallery at fortune.com.

Have you seen my mp3 player?

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seag01_cube.jpgI would lose this in about a day.  Wish I had one to lose.

256 or 512 mb and it records live audio.

Read more at http://www.akibalive.com/archives/000683.html

Just in time for summer

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Get your Solar Powered Clothing.  Prefer Denim-go for it.

CNN: “Lojack for Kids”

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It’s their headline not mine.

CNN offers a heartwarming roundup of technologies designed to track the whereabouts of children.  The clip provides some clear benefits and skims the surface of any privacy concerns.  The technology exists- are we ready for it?

Google Maps – the basics

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The official word from Google: http://www.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/

A good summary from Net Dev Journal: http://dotnet.sys-con.com/read/171162.htm

What can you do with Google Maps?  Visit http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com/ and brace yourself for an overwhelming amount of content.

Google Maps of Iranian Nuclear (or new-kya-lur) positions

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Handy site allows you to keep with the location of Iran’s nuclear facilities.  Just in case Dick Cheney gets his wish.  http://www.lastingnews.com/maps/iran_nuclear_facilities.html

Free photo paper

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Visit http://3m.dll1.com/stickypicture/reg_nonperks.asp and sign up to receive a free sample of Post-It Photo paper.  Such a deal.

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