Kodak scans for familiar faces

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Kodak scans your familyKodak, hardly left in the dust by digital imaging, has developed a scanner that will capture images from printed photos and serach for familiar faces.  It will also be able to identify the decade that the photo was printed based on the style of the photographic paper and other marks.  You will be able to take your shoebox full of family photos to Longs and have them scanned and cataloged.  The facial recognition software will have to be taught what Aunt Betty (and the rest of your familiy) looks like and then it is off and running.

I would like to use the same software for the over 16,000 digital pics that live on my home computer.  I am not the best and tagging every photo with the names and places.  

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Get to know vlog

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That's right-vlogs, or video blogs, could be the next big thing:

From Business 2.0 Magazine: – Amanda Congdon, 24, is running through the wintry streets of Manhattan in a purple cape and leotard. This may not seem like a milestone in Internet history, but it is: The perky actress is starring in the first commercial to be aired in a brand-new medium – the video blog, or vlog. Her silly superheroics are worth $40,000.  Read the rest after the jump.

73% of US adults online

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The Pew Internet and American Life has released another comprehensize survey on Internet usage.  In January of 05, 66% of Americans were online- now it's up to 73%.  Another notable fact: only 42% of those surveyed use high-speed Internet.  So, if you design some video and Flash intensive website it won't be very useful to the other 58%.

As comparison:

-97% of Americans over the age of 15 can read.
-69% of Americans own homes.
Read more on MSNBC.

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