Test your knowledge using google maps

May 3, 2006 at 4:57 am | Posted in tech | Leave a comment

To complete this task you need to open your email and use Google Maps.

Copy and past these questions into a blank email addressed to rod@rodmilstead.com.

1. Name the countries that border Sudan.


2. What town is NORTH of Olympic National Park in Washington State?


3. Email me a link to the Great Pyramids in Egypt.


4. What’s the northernmost Hawaiian island?


5. If Italy is called the boot what is the name of the ball that it is kicking?


6. Name the islands located close to Argentina’s coast.


7. Include a link to the satellite photo of these islands.



8. What country is surrounded by India?


9. What island is just off the coast of Edinburgh, Scotland?


10. Name a town close to Port Tobacco, MD and include the link.



11. Name the location in the photo below and send me a link to the location.what is it?

12. What countries are to the north and south of this lake?


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