College Profs Ban Laptops in Class

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From the Christian Science Monitor:

"At any given moment in a law school class, literally 85 to 90 percent of the students were online," Professor Herzog says. "And what were they doing online? They were reading The New York Times; they were shopping for clothes at Eddie Bauer; they were looking for an apartment to rent in San Francisco when their new job started…. And I was just stunned."

So this professor, and many others, are banning the use of laptops in their classrooms.  They feel that the distraction offered by a Wifi laptop is just too much.  Especially for the thousands that these students are paying to sit in class and update their myspace pages.

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Space Cube

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Imagine how smal our lab would be if we used these 2 inch square computers? 

Is this a late April Fool's?  Space Cube at

Remember this guy if you ever lock your keys in the car

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Last month an F-22 Raptor pilot was locked in his pllane for hours until firefighters could chop him out.
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