55 Ways to Enjoy Google

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Enjoy: http://www.55fun.com/book.pdf.

7 Deadly Sins of Email

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This author takes email VERY sersiously. 


I’ll add a helpful hint instead of a sin: if you want to send someone a short message like “lunch @ Easy Street, 12:30” then type that in the subject line and type EOM at the end.  EOM means…end of message.  Don’t type anything in the body and the recipient doesn’t waste time opening the email to read your short message.

Dell Laptop Explodes- you add the caption

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Read the full story here.

Then add your own caption in the comments section.

Smithsonian Replaces Electric Car With SUV

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If you are a conspiracy-minded person then your mind will go into overdrive (forgive the pun) about this  one:

Treehugger tells us that the Smithsonian has removed a GM EV1 electric car from display and replaced with a robotic VW Toureg modified by Stanford.  The display itself is in an exhibit hall sponsored by….GM!  Go figure. 

The article does offer denials from Smithsonian that GM had any role in the removal of the EV1 from exhibit.

RIAA targets online video content

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The RIAA is defending the rights of artists once again.  No, it's not the trading of copyrighted video material.  The RIAA is taking legal action against sites like YouTube and Google Video to force the removal of homemade videos that have indentifiable music playing in the background.  Arstechnica has the full report.

The idea that this could be a great way to promote a track via viral marketing is lost on the stodgy RIAA.  True, the association should do everything to stop the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.  But to take action against some kid playing air guitat to "Crazy Train" is… crazy.

Stop humming "Hammer Time" or it will cost you!

See this in LA

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The Academy or Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is offering a free exhibit called "It's Alive".  The exhibit features animatronic characters from Yoda to Predator that have been used in film. While CG has a strong part in current and future special effects, this exhibit shows the value of models and robots in film.

If you go- take some pictures and share them.

MIT Photo Brush

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Those crazy MIT kids have more to offer than lab coats and pocket protectors. Wait, that was unfair to stereotype. Those days are long gone at MIT.

Back to our subject- the Photo Brush. This brush contains a camera designed to sample the texture and color from any object. When the brush is drawn across the large touch screen the sample image becomes the paint.

Watch the video and be amazed. The blinking eye sample is incredible.

Google Images Redone

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We all have gotten used to using Google images.  Until I used Imagery I never realized that it could be done better.  Imagery takes the Google images search results and adds easily accessible preferences, tabbed browsing and a photo bucket with zoom tools.  

You'll need to install Firefox 1.5 (it won't work with Internet Explorer)  before you visit http://elzr.com/imagery/. 

My Comic Book Creator

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The Chronicle brought this new app to my attention.  The tools in My Comic Book Creator help you to layout a comic book and to add storyline details.  Try the free download at http://www.mycomicbookcreator.com/frontpage.php.

Original Flash Stick Figures

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No description can prepare you for the simple originality of "Animator vs. Animation"

See it for yourself at http://abum.com/file/shadow/animations/17632.swf.

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