Stamps with ads

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For 10 cents more sites like let your customize your own postage stamps.

PC in the Wall

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jackpc.gif The folks at Jade Integration have introduced their Jack PC.  This device is a thin-client PC designed to fit in the space of a normal network wall jack.  The computer relies on Citrix to deliver applications-documents are stored on the server.  The computer's small size eliminates the need for a desktop computer.

If you can stand the Citrix lifestyle then this is a good bet for a basic office PC.  Wouldn't work well for home.


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Designed for special forces the one-person flying wing could take someone 110 miles on a 1/2 gallon of gas.  Forget special forces- how about the commuter. has it all.

Will it be Dreamweaver or GoLive?

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Ever since Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia inquiring minds have asked: What products will they keep? A recent Adobe statement about Dreamweaver and Illustrator says that the company would "concentrate [its] development efforts around these two products with regards to future innovation and Creative Suite integration." Would this suggest that GoLive is GoDead? Read more at Arstechnica.

Arstechnica Walks Us Through Windows Vista Beta 2

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Comprehensive discussion of the current beta of Windows Vista 2. Read it here.

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