iTunes: First France, Now Norway

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While many have accepted the restrictive DRM of the iTunes/iPod family, Norway is the second European country to take issue with Apple's insular copyright protection.  As a result, Apple may be banned from the Norweigian market.  Sure, the numbers aren't big BUT what if this started a trends towards official anti-iTunes policies across the continent?  Read more at arstechnica.

Plug in to Advertising

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Pepsi AdA Canadian advertising firm has produced an ad campaign for Pepsi that offers 30 seconds of music to subway riders.

Just plug in your headphones and enjoy the audio. The goal is to compel folks to buy a Pepsi and use the PIN on the back of the label to download the whole track.

Engadget has some pithy thoughts on the matter.  Me, I wonder how strange it would be to ride the subway with your earbuds plugged into the wall.  Will people stand in line for the 30 second clip?

Seems to me it should be designed to let you choose from a few clips instead of getting one mystery option.

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