Laptop flambe, sir?

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You heard it here first– Dell’s exploding batteries.  Well, after months of pressure and bad press Dell has decided that it should do something about the problem and is conducting a massive recall.  4.1 million batteries are involved in the recall which will cost the company over $200 million in production, marketing and shipping alone. 

For you Dell haters out there- the batteries were made by Sony.

Check to see if your Dell has one of the defective batteries.

Scarfbook: read your clothing/wearable literature

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Given the danger that a book can conceal these days your never know when airborne book banning could become permanent.  Thus I bring you the Scarfbook a DIY project that involves printing text on iron-on transfer sheets and then affixing them to a length of cotton.  The added comment has a nice bit about fabric designed to be run through an ink-jet printer.


Read it all here:

Amaze your friends

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060624_07.gifThe folks at linked to this Japanese language site showcasing images created using a lightpen and a digital camera. 

Makezine details here:

Original site here:

Google Maps+Flight Simulator=Goggles!

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Sure, you should be outside enjoying all the fresh air that you can get.  Instead you explore the InterWeb and find Goggles.  FlightSim for free over the city of your choice:

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