Rumsfeld: war critics need to study history

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From the International Herald Tribune: SecDef Rumsfeld said that war critics “seem not to have learned history’s lessons” and went on tompare critics to fashists. 

Read the details here.

Destroyed Gadget Contest=New Gadget Prize

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Thanks Mr. Postman!The folks at gizmodo are having another contest…”either show us your already busted gadget—in JPEG please, no wider than 520 pixels—and include a brief sob story explaining the broken gadget. Or, the other option is to take a gadget you already have, break it—preferably on film—and upload the video over at Youtube.”  The prize a new 2 GB Titanium Flash Drive.  Read more here.

NOTE: do not try anything that you see on YouTube.  I think that the winner will be someone who earned a dead gadget through bad luck. Like the time I left a Palm Pilot on the roof of my car and drove away.  Ouch.

Backpack too heavy?

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HispterToo many books?  Try the Hipster…I guess:

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