VW dreams

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I have always dreamed of owning a VW bus.  Years ago I was leaving a client’s office and walked past a Vanagon with doors open. Inside was another sales guy sitting at the handy table working on his laptop.  The radio was on.  The fridge kept his lunch cold and a small closet kept clothes presentable.  My rusty Cherokee paled a bit. 

Even after I spotted a bus in similar straits to this one I remained undetered.  Sure, the VW flambe’ that I witnessed near the Broadway exit off of 24 gave me pause.  During the course of ONE traffic light cycle I watched the vehicle burn from back to front.  For years the spot was marked by a large puddle of aluminum.   But the appeal of that slab sided bus was too much.

Then I read some VW bus “fansites” and learned that one must really love to perform FREQUENT vehicle maintenance as an owner of one of these cars.  So I shelved the idea.

Until today.

Green Car Congress has photos of a VW concept car that is a redo of  the classic microbus with loads of gadgets and goodies not to mention Safari Windows.  Touchscreen nav system.  Customizable dashboard.  The  best part: it’s electric! No more fires.

The new van was created by VW’s lab in Silicon Valley. This group works closely with the tech commuity to integrate technology into their cars.

Naturally, one wonders if VW will redo the bus a la the VW bug and release.  Maybe as a hybrid.  I’m ready.

A few more photos on the VW page.

140K new tech jobs added this year

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The AeA (formerly the American Electronics Association) reports that 140K new tech jobs were added in the first half of this year.  The job market for tech jobs is on the upswing- details here: http://www.aeanet.org/Publications/idjj_midyear2006_overview.asp

Sandisk 2gb flash drive=$44.99

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Compusa has a deal for a Sandisk 2gb flash drive for only 44.99 (1gb for 24.99).  Sure, you can find lower cost flash drives (PNY) but Sandisk offers quality and reliability that beat the competition.

The Compusa deal is right here.

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