How did it happen?

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Time Magazine details how pre-washed, ready to eat produce products are susceptible to E. Coli and other contaminations. Read it but keep eating your veggies: Time article.

Google goes shopping

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Since Google went public in 2004 the company has gone on a quiet shopping spree.While not exclusive, almost all of the companies that the search engine giant has acquired connect with mobile Internet use.

See the list and read the Washington Post article here. Free account required.

Turn your phone into a GPS

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Garmin has introduced a handy gizmo that will transform any (?) Bluetooth equipped device into a GPS.  The Mobile 10 clips anywhere and used Bluetooth to send GPS info to your (laptop, PDA, phone) gadget.  It’s about the size of a big pack of gum.

Learn more here:

SFGATE.COM: Silicon Valley should be called Storage Valley

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The Chronicle tells the tale of the unsung hero of technology – storage. Hard drives, to be precise.

The story starts with the 5MB, 2000 pound RAMAC, the world’s first hard drive. Read the rest here.

Front Pages from September 11th

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The Newseum has produced an online collection of national and international front pages from September 11th.

Chronicle podcast: What 9/11 means to four Bay Area teenagers

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Quoting “Chronicle reporter Carolyne Zinko talks with four Bay Area teenagers who were between seven and 10 years old on 9/11, to see how they remember the events and how that day has affected their worldview.”

Listen to the audio here:

Finally…could the rumors be true (again)?

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The iPod touch screen rumors are flying once again.  This time there may be photographic proof to back it up.

This photo was supposedly taken at the site that will host a big Apple announcement on 9/12.  See it here:

Amazon Video Downloads

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Amazon has joined the online video sales fray with unbox.  Here is the short story:

  • tv shows for around $2
  • movies from $10 on up (Office Space for $13.45)
  • DVD quality
  • limited to 2 PC installs, one player per PC.
  • no iPod support
  • if you rent: “After you rent and download an Amazon Unbox Video to your computer, you will have a limited period of time in which to begin viewing it. That period is 30 days unless otherwise specified on the product detail page for the Unbox Video rental. After you begin playing an Amazon Unbox Video, you will have 24 hours to complete viewing it.”
  • if you buy: “The license agreement for the videos you purchase allows you to download an Amazon Unbox video onto a total of 2 different personal computers at one time. Each of those computers will, in turn, be able to transfer that video to one portable (e.g., hand-held) video device.”

Read the Gizmodo review here.

See unbox here.

9-11 Fifth Anniversary: Resources

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Growth of Al Qaeda-BBC- 

US War on Terrorism timeline: 

The Nation- Civil Rights After 9/11: 

The Nation- 9/11 in a Movie-Made World:

The Nation- A Constitutional Disaster:

BBC News – Five graphs documenting: US Defense spending, US air travel, Presidential approval ratings, hate crime statistics and the number of times that Bin Laden is mentioned in news articles- 

BBC News – Five Years Later:

From the NYT Learning Connection site


Mainstream Media

informative yet biased

Lesson plans,worksheets, etc courtesy of the Lehrer NewsHour

The Post’s 9-11 section – free login required-

NPR collection

State Dept chat regarding the “Myths of Al Qaeda”

CNN Poll: Clinton and Giuliani top choices for 2008

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clinton_giuliani.jpgAmerica is ready to line up at the polls for Hillary and Rudy.  They are the top choices in a recent CNN poll.  Not as a team, mind you.

You could say that New York is producing great candidates.

You could say we have really limited choices.

Enjoy the full poll results here (pdf).

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