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Your reviewer has chosen as a site worthy of consideration.

Draw your own furniture and watch it come to life!

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Using motion capture software it is possible to draw an object in thin air and watch a 3-D laser printer create your design.  Watch the video and visit the project’s website.2006_sketchurnitures07.jpg

California Voter Song

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Sing along and learn your propositions!

Republican possibilities in 2008

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2006_elephant.jpgWhich Republicans might run for president in 08?  In no order:
Senator Rick Santorum, PA
Senator John McCain, AZ
Rudy Giulinani, Former NYC Mayor
Gov. Mitt Romney, MA
Gov. George Pataki, NY
Senator Bill First, TN

More names could be on the list as speculation increases.  Who would you add?

So you want to be president of the United States?

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To get the chance to spend four years in the White House you have to:

  • be a natural born citizen of the united States
  • be at least 35 years old
  • have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years


Earn income from your website

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This sounds like a spam line but I’m serious.  Regular folks are making money from their sites and blogs.  A very few have been able make a living from their website.

Before I get to the tools that can help you in this effort remember one thing: content counts.  You can put all of the ads you want on a website but if there isn’t a reason to visit then…you won’t have any visitors.

Here’s a good overview: Making Money With Your Blog

And two useful tools:

Google Adsense
Amazon Associates

Graphic novel (comic book) is finalist for National Book Award

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2006_yangcomic.jpgThe Chronicle describes teacher Gene Luen Yang’s first efforts at creating a comic book. In the fifth grade, he and a friend created “Spade Hunter” and sold the hand-colored comic with the profits going to charity.

Now he is a National Book Award finalist- the first ever for a graphic novel.

Read the Chronicle article.

Barack Obama changes his mind about the presidency

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Catch the last half of this past Sunday’s Obama Interview on Meet the Press.  Watch the WHOLE clip to hear Obama announce that the “door may be open” for him to consider a presidential bid in 2008.

Was he fearing Kerry flip-flop comparisions?

Domain Name Coupons

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I use to buy domain names.  Works well and the price is only $8.88 for the year. 

Unless you use the coupons at and you can save 90 cents.  Ninety cents is ninety cents.

USB: Beyond Practical

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Sure, you know all of the practical applications of USB- attach a flash drive, connect an iPod, mouse or keyboard.  But the USB port provides far more fun than any other port.  View these sites for more:

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