USB: Beyond Practical

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Sure, you know all of the practical applications of USB- attach a flash drive, connect an iPod, mouse or keyboard.  But the USB port provides far more fun than any other port.  View these sites for more:

Halloween Sounds

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Tags: has posted a list of sites with free Halloween sound fx and music: 

Which made me think that we should post a track on our web sites.  To do that you need to use the embed tag.  My embed tag tutorial is here: but it relates more to video. 

This one relates more to audio:


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Websnapr is a handy online tool that creates (not quite instant) thumbnails of any website.  Why?  To create a visual list of links on your page.  See it in action:

Or you could make postage stamps.

How does it work?  Go to and try it out.  It took about three minutes for the thumbnail to generate.

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