Halloween Sounds

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About.com has posted a list of sites with free Halloween sound fx and music: http://mp3.about.com/od/freemusicdownloads/a/halloween_music.htm 

Which made me think that we should post a track on our web sites.  To do that you need to use the embed tag.  My embed tag tutorial is here: http://rodmilstead.com/webdesign/addvideo.htm but it relates more to video. 

This one relates more to audio: http://www.webreference.com/js/column20/embed.html


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Websnapr is a handy online tool that creates (not quite instant) thumbnails of any website.  Why?  To create a visual list of links on your page.  See it in action: http://www.websnapr.com/previewbubble/

Or you could make postage stamps.

How does it work?  Go to http://www.websnapr.com/ and try it out.  It took about three minutes for the thumbnail to generate.

Who will be number 300,000,000?

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Tuesday should be the day that the three hundred millionth American is born. 

Who will it be?

Check out the U.S. Population Clock while you wait: http://www.census.gov/population/www/popclockus.html.

Teen detained over presidential threat

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A year ago, Julia Wilson drew a picture of President Bush, scrawled the words “kill bush” across the top and posted it on her myspace page. Upon learning from her teacher that this threat could be considered a threat she tookk the page down.

This week two Secret Service agents removed Wilson from her classroom and questioned her about the image and alleged threat.

Read more here.

$1.65 billion for YouTube

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That’s what Google paid for YouTube is a move designed to grab a huge slice of the online video sharing market.  YouTube has 46% of this market besting Google video, myspace and a long list of wannabe’s.  Full details here on marketwatch.com.

YouTube brings a daily audience of 40 million viewers.  Google brings its obvious clout plus Adsense, the search engines lucrative advertising system.  It will be interesting to see how this transaction affects the free nature of YouTube’s offering given that Google video provides users with the opportunity to charge for video viewing.

Big picture: another sign of a mini-boom in web 2.0 companies that are continuing to take advantage of broadband connections to offer content that wasn’t possible in the late 90’s.

Enjoy this video of the now rich and giddy founders of YouTube.  They keep it serious and corporate for the first 2/3 of the clip and then it falls apart.  Two kings?  Are you kidding? 

Photoshop: Face to Stone

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Great effect – the steps are here at reviewzine.

The trickiest part is finding a good stone texture.  I’m going to try it with wood and water, too.

$25,000 prize for your invention

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Staples is searching for the brightest inventor in their Invention Quest contest.  If you have already told your friends, “I could have made that!” then now is the time to prove it.  All you need is a good idea that you can represent well to the judges.

Contest info here: http://inventionquest.dja.com/

Previous winners here: http://inventionquest.dja.com/cons/pages/EasyProducts.html. Some of these inventions are now being produced and sold by Staples.

Flag Raising, Iwo Jima

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With the pending release of the Clint Eastwood directed “Flags of Our Fathers” we can expect the media to put this moment on their radar for at least five minutes.

I read the book of the same title a few years ago. James Bradley authored a book that was not jingoistic yet clearly captured the practicalities as well emotion surrounding this iconic photo and the Marines captured in the flag raising.

Joe Rosenthal captured the image while serving as a journalist on Iwo. He passed away in Novato on August 21st of this year. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14446355/). Rosenthal was named an Honorary Marine in 1996.

Here is a timeline of the events surrounding the moments before and after the flag was raised- http://www.iwojima.com/raising/raisingb.htm. This was actually the second raising of the flag – the first raised a flag that was smaller than the one pictured.

$4.99 256 mb flash drive

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After last week’s deal on a 2gb flash drive many of you said “I don’t need that much space.” OK- then get while it lasts at Office Depot. Rebate required and includes a flash drive carrying case.

Here’s the deal.

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