Forget Disney- Just go to the grocery store

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A Chinese supermarket has installed a slow moving roller-coaster to propel customers around aisles. No, you can direct the car to aisle 12. You just coast along and try to remember everything that you need or risk going all the way around again.

Buy a video camera, get pasta sauce

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2006_pasta.jpgA Missouri couple purchased a $1500 camera at their local Best Buy.  They broke the seal on their new baby and found… a jar of Classico Pasta Sauce and some other useless items.  Back to Best Buy where they learned that the Sony seal had not been broken at time of purchase so they were out of luck.  This jar of pasta cost just over $100 an ounce.

Bottom Line: Sony has contacted the couple and agreed to replace the camera.

The Real Bottom Line: open the box in the store to make sure that you get what you paid for.   Full story here and all over the Internet.

Will we ever learn the real story?!

Online Video Comparison

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Life Googles has put together a one-page comparison of eight popular video sharing sites.  Same video- compare the quality.

Website Redesign Inspiration

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Good before and after on these links:

And good guidance:

Toddler Photographer

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 Here are the results from Tyler’s first batch of photos.  He also took the time to throw the camera down the stairs in a fit of artistic frustration.  The camera is built to take it.


Digital Camera Buying #1: making a choice

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My 3 year old received a digital camera for his birthday. Excessive?  Hardly.  This just shows how far cameras have come – the technology is cheap enough to sell in a format friendly for toddlers at around $60.  This Fisher-Price Kid Camera fits the bill perfectly.

There is another, more useful lesson in buying a digital camera:  buy the camera that suits your needs.  The best camera for a three year old can be dropped, thrown and has color coded buttons. 

If you are giving a camera as a gift think about the needs of the recipient.  Is this their first digital camera?  Do they love technology or are they confused by the buttons on a blender?  Do they take pictures of wildlife or your wild family?  Thinking about HOW this person will use the camera will lead you to make a good choice.

Get started by reading my Digital Camera Buying Guide.

Google Earth Sightseeing

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Tags: offers a wealth of goodies that can viewed on Google earth. 

Citizen uses advertising money to buy laptop

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 It’s true.  She sold advertising space on the lid of her laptop and earned enought to buy it.

JFK Assassination on Google Earth

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Follow the link and be sure to check the Kennedy.kmz option in Google Earth once the link opens.  Look for it on the left side of the monitor in the temporary places list.

Color resources

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Concise color wheel theory: offers a concise discussion of the classic color wheel:

What colors mean:

Adustable and customizable color wheel:

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