DIY solar iPod charger

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solarcharge2006_ipodrThis enterprising soul shares his success in building a solar charger for an iPod.  He risks exploding batteries and his iPod in the search for success.  Remember, this might kill your iPod.  Or you might build a successful charger.  Click here and good luck.

Favorite weather site:

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Try if you want a great source for current weather.  Webcams, radar, local temps all overlaid on a handy Google map.

Kazaa settles with recording industry

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Kazaa, the infamous and once popular file sharing network, has settled with the recording industry for an undisclosed financial penalty.  Why?  After a Supreme Court ruling that media companies could be found guilty of encouraging users to illegally trade copywritten material the party was over.  Morpheus, StreamCast and Kazaa were all eligible for lawsuit.

Earlier this year Kazaa’s parent company, Sharman Networks Lrd., agreed to take steps to block illegal file sharing on their networks and to pay $115 million in penalties.

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