Buy a video camera, get pasta sauce

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2006_pasta.jpgA Missouri couple purchased a $1500 camera at their local Best Buy.  They broke the seal on their new baby and found… a jar of Classico Pasta Sauce and some other useless items.  Back to Best Buy where they learned that the Sony seal had not been broken at time of purchase so they were out of luck.  This jar of pasta cost just over $100 an ounce.

Bottom Line: Sony has contacted the couple and agreed to replace the camera.

The Real Bottom Line: open the box in the store to make sure that you get what you paid for.   Full story here and all over the Internet.

Will we ever learn the real story?!

Online Video Comparison

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Life Googles has put together a one-page comparison of eight popular video sharing sites.  Same video- compare the quality.

Website Redesign Inspiration

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Good before and after on these links:

And good guidance:

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