Flash Maps mapping tool comparision

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http://www.flashearth.com/ compares maps.  Google Maps aren’t perfect and here is proof.

Google Patent Search

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Google Labs has unleashed their U.S. Patent search tool.  Now you can see if anyone else has your great idea.  Or how many iPhone patents Apple has registered.

$30 RC Plane

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Aero AceI flew mine this weekend and had more fun than I thought possible given that this foam plane cost $30 at TRU.  The Aero Ace has about an 8 inch wingspan and two electric engines protected by the wings.  The rest is coffee-cup foam that bounces nicely and can be repaired with Scotch tape.

Now it’s sold out everywhere so you will have to wait until January. Worth it.

Windows Movie Maker 101

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The folks at Lifehacker must be reading our minds.  You have had some great questions about setting up Windows Movie Maker and downloading video from camera to computer.

And here are the answers: http://lifehacker.com/software/digital-video/alpha-geek-video-editing-101-220595.php 

Most Connected Schools

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Forbes Magazine and the Princeton review have compiled a list of the 20 Most Wired Schools (as in colleges and universities).  They are rated based on “size, scope and quality computing and technology offerings.”

#1 – Villanova – you get a laptop as a freshman, new one end of sophomore year, 60% of the campus is wifi.

MIT is second on the list and Stanford doesn’t make the top 10.

Read the Chronicle writeup here.

See the full Forebes report here. Pictures, too.

Zune fan video mocks Mac, optimistic about Zune ease of use

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Real Estate Client

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Lifehacker interviews Windows Vista

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Ok, they didn’t interview the OS itself. But one of their editors did visit with a team of MS techies to talk about Vista. Many good questions were asked including some related to gaming.

Details and a few Vista screenshots here: http://www.lifehacker.com/software/vista/qa-with-microsoft-about-windows-vista-220986.php

Fab@home – create your own stuff

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You may remember my “Draw Your Own Furniture” post from awhile back.  Well, some enterprisine Cornell students are working on creating an open source, desktop fabrication machine for home use.  The idea: design your own object and print it out in 3-D right there at home.  The website has actual videos of the machine in action.

Learn more at www.fabathome.org

When Robots Attack Just Go to the Second Floor

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You can view the punchline by fast-forwarding to the one minute mark.  I like how the techs quickly wheel in a privacy screen for the benefit of the robot.

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