Hollywood in Fairfax

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So I’m driving home last night through Fairfax VERY S L O W L Y since everyone had to stop and look at the monster spotlights that were lighting town. What’s the movie? How long will they be here? Will people slow down again tonight?!

update 12-6-06: My sources tell me that they movie is being made by some local folks- titled “Winston” and about baseball. They have been in Forest Knolls, San Anselmo and all around the valley. 

Video Watch

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1GB of storage

(hopefully) plays MP3, WMA and MP4 (NXV) format.

Get the details here. 

1.8 inch drive, 100gb – fits iPod

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2006_12_110gbdrive.jpgToshiba has announced the availabibiltiy ofa a 1.8 inch, 100 gb  hard  drive.  Fits  the iPod chassis and would be perfect for the rumored iPhone.

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