December 7, 2006: Pearl Harbor Attack on Google Earth

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pearlharboroverlay.jpgGoogle Earth placemark with overlay of battleship row during the attack – look in the middle of the page for the “File Download” link.

$38 million to preserve internment camps

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The outgoing Republican congress has approved the preservation of 10 internment camps used during World War II to house people of Japanese descent after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Read more in the San Jose Mercury News.

Download Google Earth and view these files:

placemark with 113 internment locations mapped
pictures and placemarks related to the internmen of Japanese Americans during WWII

Lastly, here is an online companion to the Smithsonian exhibit about the internments: A More Perfect Union.

Photoshop: Remove tourists from photo

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2006_12_removetourists.jpgNice tutorial that uses two versions of the same photo to create one without tourists.

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