Follow the money – Canadian style

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2007_dollarhide.gifEvery so often a story hits the news that is bizarre and makes you want to know more. Then it fades away much faster than it should.  This is one of those stories.

The intelligence community has warned U.S. Defense contractors to be on the lookout for Canadian coins that have been modified to serve a spy tools.  Some news reports suggested that the coins carried miniature transmitters that could be used to track the contractors’ movements.  Or they may have contained small listening devices.

More recent government comments downplay the whole thing (which makes it all the more interesting) and indicate that they coins were ultimately harmless.  Read the article here.

Does this mean that the Canadians are spying on us?  No.  It could be any of a number of countries so don’t be so quick to blame our neighbors to the north.  Why Canadian coins?  Their dollar coin is pretty big and could hold a fair amount of espionage goodies.

Much like the coin pictured above that was used by the CIA to transport file and other small items without detection.  It’s true – see the website for yourself:

Response to Bush’ plan for 20,000 more troops in Iraq

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2006_condie.jpgSec of State Rice faced the music in a Senate hearing while Demcratic pres hopefuls weighed in and Republicans criticized the president’s plan.

Video here. 

You have to wonder how all of this is being receivied by troops in Iraq.  Do they perceive public support for them even in the face of mounting discontent with the presidential planning (or lack thereof) for Iraq?  Said one Army Specialist in an MSNBC/Washington Post article, “They’re kicking a dead horse here. The Iraqi army can’t stand up on their own.”  And that’s what the planning hinges on – whether or not the new Iraqi government can rule, protect and govern its own population.

Read the full article here. 

Meanwhile, in Marin, there was instant reaction to Bush’s announcement.  I saw a growing protest at the Hub as I drove through around 5 yesterday.  Here’s the IJ’s full report.

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