Endangered ringtones

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As you know, hearing ringtones in my classroom does not make me happy. Your phone is on and it should be powered off.

2007frogphone.jpgEven where ringtones can…ring, I hate hearing bad, midi-style ringtones. The Center for Biological Diversity now offers more interesting options.

Your phone rings and you hear the chirp of the poison arrow frog. Or the cry of the Mexican gray wolf. You can visit their website and download ringtones crafted from the calls of endangered species.

Great idea to drive traffic to their site and to increase awareness about these species. Let’s hope that you won’t just hear the beluga whale singing on your phone in the years to come. Just not in my room.
Read the Chronicle article here.

CTRL-ALT-DELETE while flying

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Rumors are flying (ouch) about some problems experienced by several (11?12?) of the Air Forces ‘ newest fighter, the F-22, while on a long distance flight to Japan. Apparently, the software that runs the aircraft began to reset as the planes crossed the Date Line. Had the aircraft not been accompanied by a tanker to lead them safely to an emergency landing in Hawaii the pilots might have had trouble finding the Islands of Aloha. No computer=no GPS.

Always bring a map. Read the original post on Slashdot.

U.S. History links for the day

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NPR reports on Virgnia’s slavery apology: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7595405

Al Sharpton and Strom Thurmond related?

Your quiz

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Lefty Gomez/White Hill Mystery

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Lefty Gomez/White Hill Mystery

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My son and I were playing at White Hill’s Lefty Gomez Field today and noticed the plaque describing Gomez’s accomplishments. You can learn more about this Bay Area native’s career here.

My question: who is Goofy and why is his name inscribed in cement at the bottom of this dedication? The cement may or may not part of the original marker.

Can any White Hill grads solve the mystery?

Get up from the couch and salute

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2007_spacecom.jpgRobert Adler passed away today at the age of 93.

Mr. Adler has 180 patents under his name but he is best remembered for one invention: the TV remote control.  The device that he invented used tiny hammers (I am not making this up) to create high-frequency sounds that the TV responded to when the appropriate button was pressed.

His invention became the Zenith Space Command and paved the way for 500 channels of (mostly) useless programming.  Imagine using the dial to skip the home shopping channels…

Monday euro links

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200702home.jpgFrench students to receive flash drives loaded with software – if you are envious go to www.portableapps.com and fill your own flash drive. Beret not required.

European progress part 2 – tiny house looks very modern in very small space. Looks big if parked near small euro-style urban auto. Is this the future of housing when the waters rise? Seriously, our American need to live in massive spaces wastes our diminishing resouces. Even with massive amounts of square-footage, many of us rent storage units. Strange, no?

Was it worth $2 million?

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Turner Broadcasting, parent company of the Cartoon Network, has agreed to pay $2 million to the city of Boston.  Why?  To make amends for the recent Aqua Teen Hunger Force terrorism scare.  You remember, blinking lights, duct taped batteries, packages placed on key pieces of infrastructure like bridges and hospitals.  Read it all here.

I heard an interesting footnote to this story on NPR last week.  Think of this incident as a homeland security generation gap incident.  Those under a certain age would have been likely to recognize these flashing light packages as marketing for a cartoon.  Alert law enforcement, who may not have time to watch the Cartoon Network, did not recognize the images for what they really were.

Forgive me for being negative, but the response to this incident gave away a fair amount of info to any potential terrorist.


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Follow the link:


Virtual tours

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What makes a good campus virtual tour?  View these samples and decide for yourself.

Harvard http://www.news.harvard.edu/tour/

Columbia http://www.columbia.edu/about_columbia/tour/ 

UC Irvine http://www.uci.edu/virtualtour/

Cal http://www.berkeley.edu/tour/

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