Endangered ringtones

February 28, 2007 at 11:42 pm | Posted in tech | Leave a comment

As you know, hearing ringtones in my classroom does not make me happy. Your phone is on and it should be powered off.

2007frogphone.jpgEven where ringtones can…ring, I hate hearing bad, midi-style ringtones. The Center for Biological Diversity now offers more interesting options.

Your phone rings and you hear the chirp of the poison arrow frog. Or the cry of the Mexican gray wolf. You can visit their website and download ringtones crafted from the calls of endangered species.

Great idea to drive traffic to their site and to increase awareness about these species. Let’s hope that you won’t just hear the beluga whale singing on your phone in the years to come. Just not in my room.
Read the Chronicle article here.

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