Singletrack Minds

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Given the recent news concerning barbed wire and other obstacles strung across illegal singletrack by the Marin County Open Space District, this preview is very timely.

The film was made by Poison Oak Productions.

Read the most recent IJ article here.

Read the far superior Chronicle article here.

Color photos of the Depression

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The comments claim that these color photos were taken during the Depression and were released by the Library of Congress in early 2006. What do you think? Thanks to John for the info.

Hello Kitty Airlines – not a joke

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Eva Air has rebranded some of its aircraft in full Hello Kitty livery.  Just in time for April Fools?  I’m afraid not.

Here’s the official site: Turn your speakers down…or way up.  Let’s talk about cluttered web design – this is it.

And here is a very enthusiastic blog post about Hello Kitty Air.  Don’t miss the food pics.

Backup link to your mid term

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Flying car…again

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2007gyrocopter.jpgBelieve me, I’m as thrilled as the next person when it comes to flying cars. My reality: I’m tired of promises- somebody make one so that I can juggle a latte’ while flying at 1500 feet.

The latest offering comes from a European company using the tried and true gyrocopter for the flying bits and and an impressive looking three-wheeled vehicle on the ground.

Details here.

Hacked “1984” Apple Ad

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Here’s the original Apple ad:

Here’s the 2007 version:

Google Maps Peak Finder

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Have you ever stared at a horizon full of peaks and wondered, “Hey, what’s that?” Now you can figure it out (once you get home, that is).


Visit and navigate the map to the spot that you desire. Click on the “new panorama” button and fill in some blanks. Wait for a couple of minutes and you will get a full-blown 360 degree pano of surrounding peaks. Click on the red triangle and learn more about the peak. The map belows gives a birds-eye view and distance from you to the summit.

16 year old creates WIRELESS iPod music sharing

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I am not making this up. Watch the video.

-invented by 16 year old girl from the East Bay
-you plug device into your iPod and become an instant radio station (15 foot radius)
-you plug device into your iPod and you can listen to other people broadcasting their music
-not sure if it allows you to transfer track or just listen and enjoy
-eliminates sharing earbuds!
product site on eBay

Homemade Roller Coaster

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Don’t try this at home – just watch the videos and be amazed.  Or scared.

Backyard Roller Coaster videos! 

Projector with iPod dock

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Viewsonic project with iPod dock.  Interesting idea.  Read the full, very honest review here:

Clearly geared towards video.

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