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2007_everestprot.jpgJohn McCain declares his candidacy for president

The Tillman family skewers the Army in congressional testimony

Bay Area Activists arrested on Mt. Everest

Earth-like planet discovered: don’t pack your bags, it’s really far away

Creator says life like robot puts people “at ease”

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If “at ease” means finding the nearest exit. Seriously, this college prof created this robot to serve as his substitute teacher, wired so that he deliver his classes from home via his robot twin.

Am I jealous? Yep – I want one.

Children’s Art from WWII

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2007_kidww2art.jpgA treasure trove of art was discovered in Richmond this week.  Over 4000 paintings created by children enrolled in the Kaiser Shipyards daycare and preschools were found recently.  Some were reunited with their creators some 60 years later.

Read the Chronicle article here. 

Fifty of these works are on display at the Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland.

Truly a remarkable time capsule.

Bike Assist

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We should lobby to have one installed on Oak Manor.

Track Flights on Google Earth

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O’Hare ArrivalsSFO arrivalsOnline flight tracking is a great tool and very handy.  To add a visual thrill, try tracking a flight via Google earth. Click on the individual aircraft icon to see speed and altitude.

Or you can watch all flights headed to and from a specific airport. Click the thumbnails to see arrivals screenshots from O’hare and SFO.

See it all at

Google Tools: New and Improved

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2007google-charts.pngGoogle spreadsheet now offers Excel style charts

Google maps lets your personalize and create your own maps, email, print or link to them. Even use your custom map as a Google Earth overlay.

Here’s my very own Google Map: Where I have lived.

Will it ever stop?

Free Ice Cream

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Go to Ben and Jerry’s TODAY.

Leave the flying car at home

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Just strap on some wings.

Virginia Tech School Newspaper

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If you want to learn more about the VA Tech shooting, the school’s newspaper is a good place to get behind network sensationalism and get…news.  Find it here:

The online version of the paper served as a real time resource during the shooting, providing minute by minute information to students locked down in computer labs and classrooms.

YouTube used for apology by politican

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Last week, possible presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said that people should learn English, “so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto.” His remarks were met with both criticism and support.

Gingrich has released a video on YouTube in which he speaks in Spanish to explain his comments about non-English speakers. You will have to watch the clip for yourself to form an opinion about his comments. It is worth noting that a politician using YouTube to distribute content to the people is very different from issuing a press release to the media. While the clip is still edited and full of sound bites, it is delivered straight to viewer and does not use traditional media as the middleman. Politics is changing.

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