RC Mig 29

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1/5 Scaled Mig 29 – First Flight – video powered by Metacafe

Disjointed rollovers in Dreamweaver

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Using colors in web design

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Cultural interpretations of colors – http://www.sibagraphics.com/colour.php

Try color combos side by side- http://www.colorcombo.com/

Colors and emotion – http://joehallock.com/edu/COM498/associations.html

Color selection tool – http://colorschemer.com/online.html 

Colonial Art

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Follow this link: http://www.worcesterart.org/Collection/Early_American/

1. Choose three images.

2. For each image answer the following questions:

-describe the image

-what do you see in the painting that relates to Colonial America?  Use specific examples from your text and notes.  Think about items that they are holding, how they are dressed, images in the background, etc.

-what is the importance of the person or place shown in the image?

HINT: click on the discussion link above each individual photo for details.  Your responses should be typewritten and in your own words.

Google Teams With Ansari X-Prize to Inspire Renewed Lunar Exploration

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Get your lander on the moon by 2012 and win $30 million.  See video for details.

The challenges are varied but I find the idea of mining the Moon a bit creepy.

September 11th

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2007wtc_finished3.jpgHere’s a small collection of links to provide you with background about the 9-11 attacks.  Add your own in the comments section.

MSNBC’s 9-11 page – details and personal stories of the 9-11 attacks.  Somewhat dramatized interactive piece is interesting.

Debunking 9-11 Myths – Popular Mechanics.  This article discusses a variety of common conspiracy theories that surround the attacks.  Then the authors disprove each theory.

Council on Foreign Relations Bin Laden profile – brief, clear answers to questons about Bin-Laden’s background, motivations and role in 9-11.

Petraeus gives us a new abbreviation: AQI

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General Petraues reported on the status of the troop surge in Iraq and its “success”.  You can catch a clean synopsis courtesy of MSNBC’s Countdown (bias alert- the host, Keith Obermann, does little to hide his disdain for the Bush administration).

Thanks to the general’s report I have added a new abbreviation to my personal dictionary.  AQI.  That’s “Al Qaeda in Iraq”.  Try it out.

9-5-07 Apple reveals…

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Rumors are swirling.  Most are iPod focused and along these lines:

  • Nano iPhone
  • video Nano
  • wifi enabled iPod
  • fully touchscreen iPod
  • free  iPhones to all students at Drake High School

Whatever it is you will have to wait for the official word to be delivered by Steve Jobs on September 5th.

The Marin that could have been

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Dick Spotswood’s 9/2/07 column discussed some near-misses in Marin that would have radically changed our home.  Like a bridge from Tiburon to SF via Angel Island.

Read the column here.

Visit my Google maps tour of these choice locations.

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