Expanded Gore-Nobel Peace Prize Coverage

October 15, 2007 at 10:38 am | Posted in history, politics | Leave a comment

So, Gore picks up the NPP for his work bringing attention to the issues surrounding global warming (more here).  This brings increased attention those who want Gore to run for president in 2008 (draftgore.com).  Would he want to run?  It’s possible that he had his fill of presidential elections when he lost (won) the 2000 election to Bush.  Or maybe he feels that he can contribute more if he remains a private citizen.

If he doesn’t run then there is still the opportunity for him to endorse a candidate for president. This would be a significant boost to the lucky endorsee given Gore’s popularity.   Would he give Hilary the nod?  Seems logical given the connection.  But remember the tension that existed between Bill and Al when then President Clinton endorsed Howard Dean in the 2000 election (details here).  Does Gore still hold a grudge?  I don’t know.

Side note – don’t forget Tipper Gore’s campaign to  rate/censor music and her founding role in the Parents Music Resource Center.  This was the beginning of ratings for music, TV and video games.  Details about the effects of her 1985 testimony on this subject right here.  This doesn’t have direct bearing on Gore but worth remembering.

Let’s close and ponder what could have been if Gore had won in 2000.  Watch the video and dream.

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