Air Force One trip to San Diego will cost $57,000/hour

October 24, 2007 at 9:17 pm | Posted in flight, travel, unwise | Leave a comment

The president will visit the Southern California fire zone on Thursday. Presidential visits to disaster zones often serve as a White House marketing events as opposed to actually helping those in need. Considering the black eye that the government suffered after its inept Katrina response you know that recovering from this disaster will receive a great deal of attention.

So, what does it cost to bring Bush to San Diego? Well, he will fly. Air Force one costs $57,000 an hour to fly. Call it a six hour trip. That’s a $684,000 round trip. By comparison, the same trip on Southwest will cost $718 if you buy your ticket today and fly tomorrow.

Of course, this figure doesn’t reflect the total cost of the trip. In March of 200o, Clinton toured three countries that required the support of 76 aircraft. The price: $50 million.

My suggestion to all presidents – stay in DC and offer your support by phone and let your actions do the talking.

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