Amazon Kindle details

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  • 2007_amazon_kindledet.jpgAmazon Kindle product page with video- scroll down for the demo
  • 10.3 ounces
  • black and white e-paper display (will Kindle 2.0 offer color)
  • free wireless downloads using EV-DO not Wifi
  • it DOES NOT use an iTunes style arrangement to download. Books download straight to Kindle.
  • built-in dictionary
  • the email functionality is unclear – can it send and receive email or just send?
  • it has a Firewire port – why? Charging?

This hasn’t changed my opinion on Kindle – read it here.

Amazon Kindle – “iPod of reading” or digital kindling?

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2007_amazon_kindle.jpgThis is the Amazon Kindle. It’s rumored to a be web-enabled digital reader with a 30 hour battery life. Amazon will make the officially announce the device tomorrow. CEO Jeff Bezos is calling it the “iPod of reading” in Newsweek. Follow the link for a creepy pic of Bezos plus the article.

Gizmodo has a good, succinct description of the digital reader plus pricing on available books. So I want repeat what they have stated so well.

Let’s think about how they should price and market this $399 device. Continue Reading Amazon Kindle – “iPod of reading” or digital kindling?…

Want this backpack will you

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2007_yodabackpack.jpgBackwards writing gets annoying.  So let’s focus on the Yoda backpack.  You can find it at  There’s a Chewbacca backpack, too.  May the…never mind.

Better than Line Rider?

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Could Crayon Games be better than Line Rider?  Looks good here.  I’ll let you know after I download it at


My favorite Mythbusters episode (so far)

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The MB folks disable the reliable, yet fallible, safety features that prevent your everyday water heater from leaping through the roof of your home.  The results are below.


Ten Minute List

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So, I went to a “Get Ready Marin” class on Saturday.  Two hours of clear info that we all need to know BEFORE the next earthquake, fire, flood, etc.  The class is well worth your timeYou can get a good idea at the website.

2007_getready.gifSeveral big ideas came out of the class. Here’s one for you to think about: you have TEN MINUTES to leave your house.

What do you take?  Now’s the time to think about what really matters to you. Not when someone tells you that you have only ten minutes to get out.

My list so far – assuming that family and pets are a given – includes hard drives with digital pics, important documents to prove who I am, emergency bag…looks like I have more work to do .

58,000 gallon oil spill in San Francisco Bay

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 WEDNESDAY A CARGO SHIP HIT THE BAY BRIDGE and caused more than 58,000 gallons of bunker fuel oil to spill into the SF Bay.  It has spread throughout the bay and up the coast past Dillon Beach now contaminating the Farallone National Marine Sanctuary 25 miles off the coast of Stinson Beach and more than 7 beaches have been closed.  There will be a meeting at lunch Next Wednesday, Nov. 14th in Ms. Fox’s room 406.  Contact any member of SEA-DISC to see how you can help.  COME TO THE MEETING FOR MORE INFORMATION and how you can help.


Marin Mammal Center update and how you can help

Marin IJ article

Chronicle article

Google map of oil spill

Asus EeePC Preview

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Ok, I am really starting to fixate on this tiny laptop.  The small size and low price are fascinating.  While many mainstream pubs are lumping this in with other gadgets targted at the tween or education market I think that would have value to many users.  Join me in my temporary obsession.


Interview – Paul Tibbets, first person to drop atomic bomb

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Paul Tibbets, who piloted the Enola Gay on her mission to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, died last week at the age of 92. I found this 8 minute interview with Mr. Tibbets on YouTube. The clip is from the documentary “Atomic Cafe” which was released in 1982 when the Cold War was still quite hot. I’d guess the interview itself is from the mid-sixties.

Take the “graphic images” warning to heart. There are images of Hiroshima wounded mixed in with the interview.

Visuwords visual dictionary

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Search for a word in the Visuwords visual dictionary and you are rewarded with an eye-popping image showing the relationship between your word and related words.  Scroll to the bottom for the color code meanings.


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