Amazon Kindle – “iPod of reading” or digital kindling?

November 18, 2007 at 10:17 pm | Posted in tech | 3 Comments
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2007_amazon_kindle.jpgThis is the Amazon Kindle. It’s rumored to a be web-enabled digital reader with a 30 hour battery life. Amazon will make the officially announce the device tomorrow. CEO Jeff Bezos is calling it the “iPod of reading” in Newsweek. Follow the link for a creepy pic of Bezos plus the article.

Gizmodo has a good, succinct description of the digital reader plus pricing on available books. So I want repeat what they have stated so well.

Let’s think about how they should price and market this $399 device.

For the average consumer the Kindle should be virtually free. Follow the lead of many, from the way the phone company “gave” you a phone back in the day (so that you would use their service) to cheap inkjet printers that rope into buying toner, and sell the Kindle at a loss to encourage readers to buy books online. Price it at $50 and I’d be more willing to stop using the library so much. Given the popularity of the iPod, I don’t think that iPod owners will be inclined to drop another $399 on a Kindle since the content runs anywhere from $1.99 to nearly ten bucks.

Their real target market should be the education market. Imagine if each student received a Kindle on the first day of school and loaded it with all their textbooks. With space for 200 books, there’ s room for an encyclopedia, dictionary and other references that will serve the student well. We’ll learn more about it’s web-browsing ability, but that would be a huge bonus, too.

This would lighten the load of your backpack. Amazon, are you listening?

PS – when will Apple release the iRead? You can already imagine the ad campaign..,





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  3. the Kindle reminds me of something i saw in an old school Star Trek episode, which is a good selling point… and it’s so thin!

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