Beware the storm worm

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According the Post’s tech security reporter, the Storm Worm is using email and embedded blog links to spread and gain ground.  Initially, the worm appeared as a link to a holiday video which, when clicked, prompted you to download a special codec to view the clip. You don’t get the codec; instead you get a whole slew of spyware.
The creators of the worm are now exploiting the recent assassination of  former Pakistani PM Benazier Bhutto they are redirected to download the same package of spyware.

Bottom line: don’t click on links from an untrusted source, whether they are on a blog or arrive in your email.

Details in the Washington Post article.

Toyota prototype truck to become reality

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Toyota will unveil a production version of the prototype hybrid-electric truck in early 08. The video gives a tour of the prototype – I wonder how much of the design and feature set will translate to production?


UFO spotted in Marin County

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I rarely leave home without my digital camera.  Luckily, the other night was no exception.  Watch and see for yourself.


Which nation officially flies its flag upside down in times of war?

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2997tr_geoquiz_3.jpgDo you know the answer?

If so, try your hand at the Chronicle’s Geography Quiz right here.

Google is not working as of 10:12 am

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Google, gmail, google video, even their ads. All dead in the water on our network.

If it’s global imagine how much money they are losing.

Update: back up at 10:24 am.  What happened?

Rumor no more: CompUSA to close in January – all of ’em

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 UPDATE: It’s not a rumor anymore.  CompUSA is done for and will declare bankruptcy after the holiday$.  Now, I feel for those who will lose their jobs.  And it’s too bad that no one can run a big-box computer retailer with decent prices and good service.  CompUSA did neither.

Forget Best Buy.  Even if they give good advice it can’t be heard over the din from their home theater department.

Engadget is spreading rumors about the imminent demise of CompUSA. The chain closed half its stores last year in a cost-cutting move. The source is a gleeful internal Best Buy memo.

Let’s look at this locally. Walk into the San Rafael CompUSA. Wait, first wade through the cloud of cig smoke hanging over 2007compusa.gifthe CompUSA associates on break. Then walk in and try to get help. Or find something. Then do the same thing at Staples. Staples’ service wins even if they may not have to gadget in stock.

I’ve never been a huge fan of CompUSA’s service but it is good to have a big box computer store in the neighborhood.

Best Buy? “Have you though about buying a warranty for your AA batteries? I can set you up with a three-year coverage plan for those batteries for only $56.00.”

Get to know

Then again, the CompUSA sales could be good.  

From what I hear their first round of store closing sales weren’t that good as newegg often beat the CompUSA sales prices.

Good news for: BestBuy (if not their customers).  Local mom and pop computer stores could really benefit if they can provide service that matches their higher prices.  Personal tech shoppers who have service skills and knowledge could fill the vacuum nicely if their customers are willing to pay.  Get the computer online and setup machine and software in their home.  People will pay those who can pull this off consistently and are reliable.

Apple Rumor: Half-inch thick portable due in early 2008

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It will be the perfect compliment to your new iPhone – a 12 inch (or 13.3 inch) solid state drive equipped Apple portable.  Start saving; it will run $1500.

Video report right here.

Fresno School District buys 1,000 eeePC’s

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The two pound laptop goes to school.  Fresno schools will be euipped with 1,000 of these budget, two-pound wonders.  The laptops will not travel with students.  Instead, they will remain in classrooms.  This is a cheap way to outfit alot of classrooms but you have to wonder if this is better than building two or three dedicated, networked labs at each school.  Wait til the little machines start to die or disappear.

Not that I wouldn’t buy one to play with.

I still think that digital textbooks on a Kindle is a better idea.

Goodbye payphone

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2007movie-phonebooth.jpgAT&T announced today that it will end payphone service in 2008.  Increasing use of cell phones has reduced the profit in  the payphone.  First the loss of the phone booth and now this.  Tragic.  What will Superman do?

Actually, all is not lost. You can buy your own Superman booth right here. Or buy your own payphone and start making money.

Your children will find the concept of a payphone bizarre.  Better use one now for old times sake.

Obama and Huckabee lead polls in Iowa

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Obama pulls ahead of Clinton.

2007huckabee-obama.jpgHuckabee takes first place from Romney.  Who is Huckabee, you ask?  Better find out – he’s the new Republican candidate to beat.  His MySpace page is worth a look- it’s endorsed by Chuck 

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