Obama and Huckabee lead polls in Iowa

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Obama pulls ahead of Clinton.

2007huckabee-obama.jpgHuckabee takes first place from Romney.  Who is Huckabee, you ask?  Better find out – he’s the new Republican candidate to beat.  His MySpace page is worth a look- it’s endorsed by Chuck 

Evel Knievel

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2007evelchopper.jpgEvel Knievel, stunt motorcyclist, passed away last week. I remember the following:

-watching him on ABC’s Wide World of Sports before there were hundreds of channels
-watching him on TV before every third channel had videos of cars crashing and bursting into flames
-playing with my Evil Knievel action figures
-watching his unsuccessful attempt to jump a rocket-powered motorcycle across the Snake River


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From Drake’s very own atomicthumbs


17 Year Old Makes Major Dino Discovery

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071203-dino-mummy_big.jpgIn 1999, Tyler Lyson discovered a dinosaur fossil on his parents’ North Dakota property.  It turns out this fossil is a mummified dinosaur that includes skin, muscle ligaments and internal organs.  While the hadrosaur fossil is still undergoing testing in the world’s largest MRI, data so far indicates that this dinosaur was striped, could outrun a T-rex.  Plus, estimates of dino size may be short by a yard or more.  Read more right here.

Mr. Lyson is currently working the North Dakota dig while working on his graduate degree in paleontology.

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