Fresno School District buys 1,000 eeePC’s

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The two pound laptop goes to school.  Fresno schools will be euipped with 1,000 of these budget, two-pound wonders.  The laptops will not travel with students.  Instead, they will remain in classrooms.  This is a cheap way to outfit alot of classrooms but you have to wonder if this is better than building two or three dedicated, networked labs at each school.  Wait til the little machines start to die or disappear.

Not that I wouldn’t buy one to play with.

I still think that digital textbooks on a Kindle is a better idea.

Goodbye payphone

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2007movie-phonebooth.jpgAT&T announced today that it will end payphone service in 2008.  Increasing use of cell phones has reduced the profit in  the payphone.  First the loss of the phone booth and now this.  Tragic.  What will Superman do?

Actually, all is not lost. You can buy your own Superman booth right here. Or buy your own payphone and start making money.

Your children will find the concept of a payphone bizarre.  Better use one now for old times sake.

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