Dropping out

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Edwards ended his run for the Democratic nomination and is holding out on any endorsements.  Giuliani ended his run today and endorsed McCain.  Who will be next?

Super Tuesday will no doubt tell the tale.

MLK Photos

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Time has released some photos of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.  Some have not been widely seen since their original publication.

Slideshow here.

MacBook Air basics

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2008macbookair2.jpgI could write them here but Gizmodo did a better job.  Click here for stats, pics, and other joy.

Apple’s design inspiration

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2008ipod-comp.jpgIn honor of MacWorld and the unveiling of the MacBook Air (Jordan) take a look at this article on Gizmodo.

You will be intrigued by the comparison between 60’s Braun design and current Apple product design.


Tomales Bay State Park on proposed closure list

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Gov Schwarzenegger released a proposed budget today that targets California’s $14.5 billion deficit.   One of the money-saving proposals involves closing 48 state parks out of a total of 270 parks.  Tomales is on the list.  The parks would remain closed until the budget crisis passes and would be patrolled to prevent unauthorized appreciation of nature.

Here’s the list of proposed park closures.  Many of my favorites are on the list.  How about you?  Do you think that closing parks is better than closing schools or reducing welfare?  Read the comments on the Chronicle article for other options.

Bottom line: get out there and visit some of these parks just in case.

Warmup: US contributions in the 20th Century

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Visit http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/timeline/timelineO.cfm and move the bottom scroll bar to show the time period from 1900-1950. Each icon on the US map represents an event or person related to American history during this time period.

Review the icons and choose two events/person/place thing that had a positive effect on US and world affairs. Limit your choice to events between 1900 and 1950. Describe why this effect was positive and how it affected international opinion of the United States.

Email your completed description to rod@rodmilstead.com. Type “20th Century America” in the subject line.  Be prepared to discuss one of your choices in class.

SF Tiger: What do you think about zoos now?

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219ryqxq7yl_aa_sl160_.jpgIn the wake of the holiday tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo, what do you think about zoos?  Has your opinion changed at all?

What do you think about all finger-pointing?  Who is guilty? Use the comment feature below and let us know.

America’s first zoo opened in Philadelphia in 1874 after a 15 year delay related to the Civil War.

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