Tomales Bay State Park on proposed closure list

January 11, 2008 at 12:09 am | Posted in tech | 2 Comments
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Gov Schwarzenegger released a proposed budget today that targets California’s $14.5 billion deficit.   One of the money-saving proposals involves closing 48 state parks out of a total of 270 parks.  Tomales is on the list.  The parks would remain closed until the budget crisis passes and would be patrolled to prevent unauthorized appreciation of nature.

Here’s the list of proposed park closures.  Many of my favorites are on the list.  How about you?  Do you think that closing parks is better than closing schools or reducing welfare?  Read the comments on the Chronicle article for other options.

Bottom line: get out there and visit some of these parks just in case.


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  1. it would be very sad to see the park closed. shell and pebble beach are two of the best public access sights to tomales bay. people will use them anyway … without state supervision it’s going to become an environmental issue very quickly. there’s already enough fecal problems in tomales bay.

    that said, i don’t know what service i would cut instead … howabout eliminating corporate welfare when times are tought?

  2. These parks are PROPOSED for closure – it is not set in stone. The state legislature will make the final decision, so if you don’t want Tomales Bay State Park to close, go to the link below, find your representatives and tell them not to close Tomales Bay State Park.

    Here is the search link to find your representatives:

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