Pakistan blocks YouTube

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The Pakistani government has ordered the countries’ 70 Internet providers to block user access to YouTube due to anti-Islamic content.

Morocco, Thailand and Turkey have also recently blocked their citizens’ access to YouTube due to concerns over content.

Read the full SF Chronicle story.

Video: satellite shot down

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This looks like a rough edit of Defense Dept video from at least two sources.  You see from launch to impact.

The Pentagon is talking up the success of this shoot-down as evidence that the anti-ballistic program, devised in the 80’s, actually works.  Success is relative considering that the lauch was almost delayed due to heavy seas and cloudy skies.  Missile launches won’t always happen on sunny days, will they?

McCain’s endorsement part of massive conservative plan

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Or is it?

Mitt Romney, having withdrawn from the presidential race, has endorsed John McCain as the Republican candidate of choice. Wonder what would have happened had he given the nod to Huckabee?

This dovetails with a potential conservative strategy outlined by Pat Buchanan recently. It is a conspiracy theorist’s dream/nightmare. Continue Reading McCain’s endorsement part of massive conservative plan…

Microsoft buys Danger, the maker of Sidekick

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…for $500 million. I guess this was an impulse buy while waiting in line to purchase Yahoo.

Sidekick Blue Screen

M$ scores an existing wireless platform that does more than make phone calls and a company that knows how to make a functional and useful product. Will M$ take the Sidekick and boost it as an iPhone competitor? Beats the Zune method, I suppose.

Gigaom has details here and here.

BestBuy loses laptop; is sued for $54 million

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Lost laptopUnderstand that Raelyn Campbell never expects to collect $54 million. She merely wants to bring attention to the lousy service that she received from BB.  It’s working.

The short story: she hands her laptop over to BestBuy for warranty repair. After six weeks no one can find it. Runaround ensues. Eventually, BB offers her a gift card worth less than the laptop.

Raelyn talks to a lawyer who, upon learning that her tax forms were on the lost laptop, points outs that BB violated Washington D.C.’s security breach notification law by not informing her that her personal data was lost.  Files suit.

Potential moral of the story:
-have your gadgets repaired locally
-back up all of your data regularly and store the backup well away from the original
-sure, shop at BestBuy – it’s buyer beware no matter where you shop

Read the full story at msnbc

This follows nicely on the Drake student’s victory vs. Circuit City.

Wonder why $54 million?  Here’s the answer.

New policy at White Hill School?

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IMG_3725What’s going on over at White Hill? Horses galloping through recess?

Free wifi at Starbucks

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ATT LatteOk, so it’s not free for all. As part of Starbuck’s plan to switch from T-Mobile (sometime this spring) you will receive free wifi at the java giant’s stores if:

-you currently subscribe to AT&T broadband
-you buy, and use, a Starbucks gift card which entitles you to enjoy two hours of wifi a day

Otherwise, you pay. Details at arstechnica.


1) I wonder how long it will take $B to reduce the gift card deal from two hours to…less?
2) Peet’s…Peet’s? Search wifi on and you get “ Peet’s currently does not offer wi-fi internet access in our company-owned retail stores.” This statement is accompanied by a photo of a woman staring at her laptop in a Peet’s. Strange.

I made the image above while juggling my very happy eight-month old boy. Learn ’em early.

Great photos

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The lone S.S. Independence comment lead me to a wonderful collection of photos on Flickr: There is a set of SS Independence photos that you will enjoy.

Truly worth a visit.

Drake High School student battles Circuit City

February 11, 2008 at 11:52 am | Posted in tech | 1 Comment

2008_2_sagar.jpgDrake High School student Kevin Sagar battles Circuit City.  Want to know who won?  Follow the link and watch the video.

History sails out of the Bay

February 9, 2008 at 11:37 am | Posted in tech | 1 Comment
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20087_uss_ind.jpgThe Chron put together a solid piece on the departure of the cruise ship Oceanic.  The ship, originally christened the Independence, sailed with empty rooms and decks void of celebrating passengers.  It’s destination is somewhat mysterious although likely the ship scrap yards of India.

The article chronicles the career of the last US made, US flagged cruise ship to sail.  One of the comments sums it up well, “Sad day. Anyone who has ever travelled between destinations at a leisurely pace in the open air knows that the old timer in many ways had it better. Compared to the modern day cattle car comfort, strip-search security, and sickness- and DVT-inducing pleasures of jet travel will know this to be true. When roads are clogged and a highspeed rail line still hasn’t been built, you will wish you could go to bed on a liner in SF Bay and wake up in Seattle or LA.”

Read “Last U.S. ocean liner heads into the unknown”

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