The ultimate in cell phone customizing: Modu

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Do you wish that your phone could grow a keyboard, change into a full size handset or shrink into a pocket sized model? All the while keeping your contacts and settings in place.

Modu wants to make that happen. Backed by a sizeable investment from SanDisk, Modu is pitching cell phone guts that could be moved from device to device.

Read the Business Week article for details. Slideshow is worth the trip.

UPDATE 2-13-08:
Video tour on gizmodo

Romney drops out – and then there were two (really just one)

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Mitt Romney has dropped out of the 2008 presidential race leaving McCain and Huckabee to battle it out. Given McCain’s massive lead in electoral votes you have to wonder how long Huckabee will stick around. The longer he stays in the more he splits the vote.

It’s time to learn more about John McCain – start here.

Two republican candidates left

Super Tuesday Results

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2008obamacllinton.jpgHuckabee surprises, Clinton and Obama split the Democrats

Clinton gains a boon for Republicans?

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Interesting to hear Karl Rove, now a talking head on Fox News, comment that a Hillary Clinton nomination is a win for the Republican party.  What do you think?

Empty your wallet – there’s a new iPhone and iPod touch to buy!!

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Obey me!!Apple press release “‘For some users, there’s never enough memory,’ said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Product Marketing.”

The lowdown: double the memory – iphone 16gb/$499 and 8gb/$399. iPod touch 32gb/$499, 16gb/$399, 8gb/$299

I’m waiting for iPhone 2.o before I throw any money to Mr. Jobs. What would your perfect iPhone 2.0 offer? Add your comments below.

Don’t be scared

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2008_2_3weather.jpgThat bright light is coming from something called THE SUN.  It’s normal and nothing to be afraid of.  It’s been behind the clouds the whole time.

Red Hill reports nearly 20 inches of rain from the beginning of the year.  We deserve a little sun.

Virtual Tour Goodies

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Remote rollovers:

Flash scrolling pano tutorial: 

Canned cheesburger revealed

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I left out the pics in case you don’t want to lose your appetite – more than you want to know after the jump.

Canned cheesburger pics

New roundup: friendly debates, Predator drones and Microhoo (Yasoft?)

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2008barackclintonarticle.jpgHillary Clinton and Barack Obama conduct civil, at times friendly debate

Predator drone (remote controlled aircraft) is used to kill top Al Qaeda leader

Microsoft offers 44.6 billion for Yahoo– it’s the second time around

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