Gas at $4 a gallon?! Who knew?!

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Apparently not the President.  The press conference conversation goes something like this:

Peter Maer of CBS News Radio asked what seemed to be a straightforward question. “What’s your advice to the average American who is hurting now, facing the prospect of $4-a-gallon gasoline, a lot of people facing . . . ”

“Wait, what did you just say?” the shocked president interrupted. “You’re predicting $4-a-gallon gasoline?”

“A number of analysts are predicting $4-a-gallon gasoline,” Maer explained.

Bush “Oh, yeah?” he said. “That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that.”

$4/gallon is nothing.  In Gorda, CA you can pay over $5.00!!

iPhone SDK – what does it all mean

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Here’s the summary:

1. SDK = software development kit.  This information is critical to those who want to write applications that run on an iPhone.

2. Why does it matter? The SDK release gives software developers (they write programs) the ability to create and sell third party software for the iPhone.  This was Palm’s plan from long ago and is one of the few things that makes a Palm worth owning.  Given the success of the iPhone this will further boost its popularity.

Apps will be sold through the Apple Store and Apple takes a 30% cut.

3. Why do you care?  In the words of the the Washington Post “this makes iPhone the phone to beat.”

4. Interesting details: the apps must be written on a Mac which makes one wonder how well they would talk from iPhone to PC.  If I were Steve Jobs, I’d use this as one more way to sway users to the Mac platform.

Here’s the full post writeup. 

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