Ammunition dump in San Anselmo

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Here’s a collection of links related to the WWII ammunition dump that was off of Butterfield.

Google Map – add to it

Lender tries to collect $23 million on Civil War loan

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Joan Kennedy Biddle of Tampa, FL knows her family history. And part of that history is a $299 promissory note given to her ancestor 1861 by the city of Tampa. Tampa needed ammunition and other supplies and paid with an IOU instead.

The 2008 city of Tampa points out that the 14th Amendment eliminated lingering Civil War debt. Plus, the note may have been in full in the intervening 147 years.

It’s always good to know your ancestry.

More from

China is #1 Internet User

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The number of Chinese Internet users has passed 220 million according to a Beijing research firm. There are 216 million users in the U.S.

Percentagewise, it’s a bit more lopsided:
-71% of America’s total population use the Internet
-17% of the 1.3 billion Chinese use the web

I’m putting my 10 month old twins online today so that we can regain our edge.

Point-and-shoot GPS digicam on the horizon

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Taiwanese electronics maker Altek has a GPS enabled digital camera in the works. Why GPS on a digital camera?
-great for geotagging
-create instant travel journals with each image pinpointed on a map
-create instant virtual tours
-remember where you have been

WWII German mine explodes

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A fisherman in Burnham-on-Sea, located on the SW coast of England, discovered an exploded WWII German mine. These mines were dropped by bombers and intended to destroy enemy ships.

These two clips show a) the demolition team setting up a remote detonation of the mine and b) the remote detonation. Continue Reading WWII German mine explodes…

Memphis Belle background info

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The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress– the original 1944 documentary directed by William Wyler.  The 1990 Hollywood film was made by his daughter, Catherine Wyler.

Centennial of Flight – the role of bombers in World War II.

B-17 crew positions

Housing market upside down?

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This is one builders commentary on the success of communism (not the down housing market). More crazy housing images in the slideshow.

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

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WWII Japanese soldier holdouts

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Here’s a follow-up to last week’s discussion of Japanese soldiers who continued to fight or hide long after World War II had ended. The stories are varied and fascinating. In some cases, these soldiers were aware that the war had ended and were forgotten in the tumult of the years following surrender. Others continued to actively fight in a war that they thought was still raging just over the horizon.

Here are some web resources that tell the tales:

No Surrender Japanese Holdouts ( Be sure to checkout the registry section.

Hiroo Onoda surrendered in 1974 and expressed shock and disbelief when officially informed that the war was over. His book, No Surrender: My Thirty-Year War, chronicles his story of a long and solitary fight.

AT&T to offer Surface computers for in-store customer service

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Bay Area AT&T stores will be among the first to install MS Surface computers by the end of the month. The Surface computers will be used to compare phones, rate plans and accessories.

Or it will be a great way to catch the previous customer’s cold.

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