AT&T to offer Surface computers for in-store customer service

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Bay Area AT&T stores will be among the first to install MS Surface computers by the end of the month. The Surface computers will be used to compare phones, rate plans and accessories.

Or it will be a great way to catch the previous customer’s cold.

NYC garbage for sale

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*New York City Garbage Sculptures by Justin Gignac*

Interesting web design and art concept. Should we start selling Marin garbage?

Firefox Web Dev toolbar – a must have

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My good friend Allyson shared this one with me. The Firefox Web Developer toolbar offers a whole host of goodies that allow you to dissect a website and learn more about its design and construction. The images features and the option to show current window size are useful enough…then you start to play with the other features and it just gets better.

Download and install today!

Yale money manager shares investment advice

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David Swensen made a 28% return on Yale’s endowment last year.  Would you like to know how?  NPR has the goods.

If he invested a $1000 of your cash at the end of the year you would have been $280 richer.  Not bad.

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