Historic Marin fire revisted

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Today’s growing fire in the Santa Cruz mountains, combined with yesterday’s Sleepy Hollow wildfire, prompts me to remind my readers about big fires in Marin History.

Marin is ripe for a fire given the heavy fuel load and decades without any big fire. Are you ready? How about your house?

Drake robotics on the front page of the IJ

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The IJ put together a good piece about yesterday’s robotics competition at Drake. The online version has more photos but the print version made the front page.

China earthquake info UPDATED

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Google map of earthquake epicenter

NY Times reports that 2,300 cell towers are down in the region

BBC reports on Twitter usage in the moments after the quake

Are you ready for our next earthquake? Start preparing now at Get Ready Marin.

UPDATE: Due to a twist of fate, NPR had a broadcasting team in Sichuan province when the quake occurred. Their blog quickly shifted gears from “life in China” to a stream of reports about the quake and its aftermath. The team is also posting audio reports. If you only listen to one audio clip make it the one that is a live recording of the quake during an interview.

Google’s take on social networking

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Google is unveiling Friend Connect, an easy to use module that plugs into existing pages. Instead of driving people to one site (Facebook, MySpace) to communciate, Google’s plan is to bring them to connected sites. There is no central.

More at CNET.

Blackberry Bold expected this summer

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The rumors are true. BB will release the Bold sometime late June. Price will shake out to between $330-$500. Accepts up to 16gb SD card. Removable battery. I think wifi? Stay tuned. Some competition for the iPhone. Good news for me – it will push the price of other smartphones DOWN.

Chris Jordan: works of consumption

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Artist Chris Jordan has created a series of images that provide a visual representation of consumption and consumerism in America.

Gallery here.

Spam turns 30!

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Not the food product.

It’s the 30th birthday of the billion-dollar annoyance that floods your inbox with annoying messages.

Wikipedia has a thorough history of spam if you are motivated.

Sounds like the first spam was sent over an early form of the Internet known as Arpanet.  The subject was information about a new line of computers entering the market. In ’94, two lawyers flooded Usenet groups with info about getting a green-card.

NOTE: SPAM refers to the meat product made by Hormel.  Electronic spam is NOT uppercase.  Otherwise, the makers of SPAM have no objection to spam

SPIM: Spam via IM.

Text spam has been tagged as spaSMS but I don’t think the term has caught on.

Yahoo rejects Microsoft’s offer

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Microsoft has withdrawn its buyout offer to Yahoo. The immediate result: Yahoo’s stock had fallen roughly 14% by midday Monday. MSFT offered $33/share and Yahoo’s board was hoping for more like $37.

More at CNNfn.

Today’s links

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Boolify if you still like to search with AND, NOT and OR

Maker Faire this weekend for those who invent, create, build or deconstruct

…and don’t squish that bug – it might be a robot.

OR these robot bugs may already be on the loose.

Fox News rewrites history: Lincoln-Douglas debates

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Watch the video and then read on for the punch line.

No, it’s not the cheesy line about tricking the intern.

Fox blew it with the image of Douglas. The series of debates were between Lincoln and who were opponents in the 1858 senate race. Stephen Douglas favored a nation comprised of both free and slave states. Lincoln did not see this as a viable option.

Fox News pictured Frederick Douglas, freed slave, abolitionist and author. Not the same Douglas.

If it were April Fool’s Day I’d figure that someone clever was at work. But this seems legit.

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