Web 2.0 design=simplicity

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Web 2.0 design is always returns to simple, clean design.  NOT boring.  Not empty.  As a designer you use what you need and what benefits your user the most.  Leave the rest out.  Think in terms of being economical with each pixel as if each one cost you cash.

Other characteristics:

Bottom line: if you have seen a design element overused on a MySpace page then don’t use it in your design.

Credit goes to Ben Hunt

White Hill Mystery

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Looks like a truck backed over the covered storm drain at White Hill MS.  Either that or someone’s carpool dropoff went very wrong.  Google Maps has the “before” view.

News roundup

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SF hunts for mystery device on city network

50th bday of the circuit

Segway inventor creates bionic arm

Hurricane Ike promises “certain death”

9-11, 7 years later

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The anniversary September 11th is quiet this year, likely eclipsed by the closing months of the presidential campaign and fading memories for some.  Osama bin Laden remains at large, likely in the mountainous region on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  U.S. forces are still engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq.

At home the ripple effect of 9-11 passes largely unnoticed until you visit an airport.  Gone are the days of meeting someone at the gate or cruising through security.

Erin McClam’s essay on Associated Press commemorates this sad anniversary by combining the personal stories with the global scene.

Take a moment this year to think about what the last seven years have brought. Remember where you were.

Peek for your email

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Buy the Peek for $99 and get unlimited email delivered to the device for twenty a month. T-Mobile provides the connect.

No voice. No web. No YouTube. Just email.

I wish this had been around about eight years ago – it would have been the perfect fit for some of my friends. But in 2008 why would you carry another gadget around when you have:

a) given up email for text

b)realized that you can get email on your phone

WHY?  Maybe Peek has the answers.

Chrome: Google’s new browser

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Google has given birth to a new browser.  Add Chrome to your list of web browsing choices.

Gizmodo offers a first glance review with screenshots.

Why a new browser?  This brings Google one giant step closer to becoming your online operating system.  Gmail, google docs, googles sites…why buy anything else?

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