Rovio Webcam robot: my predictions

October 7, 2008 at 9:43 pm | Posted in tech | 1 Comment
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By now you’ve heard me mention the Wowee Rovio. This $300 gadget is a webcam equipped robot that can be controlled over the Internet and has some sort of autonomous nav ability called Micro-GPS. Keep reading to see one of many video clips of this diabolical, swarming interesting robot and read my predictions for its future.

Check out the related videos for even more fun.

As for my predictions:

-the Rovios will use the Internet to communicate with each other. When they reach a certain density they will rise up.

-the Rovio will transmit streaming vid from your home to a global cabal of cat burglars.

-it will make you feel like a lazy James Bond.

-Batman will want one.


-I will want one for my next birthday. Spread the word.

Add your own witty remarks in the comments.  Be brave.


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