Rumor: new Mac spotted on the fringes of the Internet

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This breathless Gizmodo post reminds me of mystery aircraft sightings.  Sonic booms, seismograph readings, and weird contrails.

That’s what aircraft leave in their wake.  Mystery computers leave info on the logs of visited search engines.  That’s what the NY Times reports and Gizmodo fleshes out into an iPhone 3.0/MacBook slate rumor mix.

BTW, this is how the first traces of the iPhone were detected.

Start dreaming and saving your cash now.

Gizmodo post

Live small, live cheap

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In an effort to save money and reduce their impact on the planet, people are choosing to live more simply.  One of the most obvious ways to reduce your footprint is literal – live in a smaller house.

Take the couple featured in this CNN article.  They ditched their 1800 square foot home for a 154 square foot home that cost about $15,000.  This involves getting rid of a lot of stuff along the way.

Article here. offer more details…

Today’s quiz

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Follow the link:

Browser stats from w3schools

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How many people use Chrome?
Mac or PC?
What’s the most common monitor size?

It’s all here – and current – thanks to w3schools.

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