2008 election tweets

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Twittervotereport.com will provide voter reports from around the country with a focus on trouble spots and odd happenings.

Call your own 2008 election

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CNN offers a great tool to call your own election by choosing winners by state.  Try it out.

Best town name I’ve heard in awhile

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While watching another election report I heard that one of the candidates was campaigning in Chagrin Falls, OH.  What a name.

Luck at the library

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About a week ago I found one of C.J. Box’s newest books on the shelf at the Fairfax Library.  Box’s protagonist, Joe Pickett, is a Wyoming game warden who survives his repeated bad luck with the help of common sense and good friends.  All of the Joe Pickett novels feature writing that makes me happy to realize that I still have half the book left.  Then the rest of the book flies by all too quickly.

A few late nights of reading and Box’s latest book was done.  How weird that I picked up a book by  Craig Johnson that features a main character who just happens to be a Wyoming sheriff. What is it about Wyoming?  Are my Montana roots calling to me?  Can’t say but the writing sure is good.  Pick one up and treat yourself to some spare language interspersed with tributes to western scenery.

11-3-08: PhotoShop Tutorial – iPod People

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Follow this video tutorial and create an iPod person from your choice of images. Why not stick with a theme and use a presidential candidate?

Tutorial here.

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