Computer security roundup

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Who runs Ghostnet? China says “It’s not us”.  Why not call it Skynet?

Should you worry about Conficker?  Symantec says NO.  The Washington Post describes the latest weakness.

News roundup

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Palm Pre release date rumored to be 4/30 – and the reasons why this is unlikely

Observe Earth Hour?  We did- it was very peaceful.  Here’s what it looked like on the Vegas Strip.

Skype coming to iPhone, Blackberry

Adam Savage of Mythbusters – interview about life outside of MB

Deleted photos rescued

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This will sound like a paid endorsement.  It’s not.

The CF card in my digital SLR started locking up over the weekend.  It alternated between “CF Full” and some wacky error.  After serious troubleshooting, including cleaning the card slot and card, the only option was to format the card and start over. 

Formatting solved the problem (time will tell) but resulted in the loss of some unsaved images.  So I gave the free utility Smart Recovery a try.  I installed it and pointed it to the card in the card reader.  The app churned away for about four hours and recovered all the photos.  Even after a hard format of the card.  Good news.

This is where it gets interesting.  There were also numerous photos recovered going back to June of 2008. I haven’t researched the mechanics behind this but it does make you wonder, right?

News roundup

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Apple dev conference set for 6/8-6/12 in SF – iPhone release?

iTunes offers variable pricing

Chechen soldiers use wood generator to charge cell phones

More videos for learning – YouTube EDU

Gmail turns five and you get a present! (maybe)

Beautiful robots

M$ presents “Laptop Hunters”

Get your luggage x-rayed

News roundup

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Computer simulation matches FAA audio and shows Hudson river ditching

“100% confirmed” list of new iPhone features – available mid-June

Academic Earth posts the world’s best lectures for free – Yale, MIT, Stanford…click play

Online collage creator

DIY Altoids Tins projects

New roundup

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iPhone OS 3.0 is here equipped miracles such as copy-and-paste

I sold this t-shirt on

China shares the blame for global warming – with you!

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That’s right folks.  The director of China’s Department of Climate Change stated that, “this share of emission should
be taken by the consumers, not the producers”.  Meaning, you buy the stuff that we make in our factories so you are partly to blame for our (China’s) emissions.  More here.

New roundup

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Google releases new version of Google voice that can send messages left on one phone number to any other batch of numbers.  It will be open beta soon.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the new OS for your iPhone.  Will copy and paste be part of the deal?

Keep the Apple Tablet rumors burning.

More rumors here!!

Space Station crew takes refuge as debris threatens

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A five inch piece of debris passed close enough to force the crew into the Soviet made capsule.  This would have given them the opportunity the bailout quickly if the impact had caused a massive depressurization of the station.

Added bonus: follow this link to view live external footage from the ISS.  It only broadcasts when the crew is sleeping so as not to suck up precious bandwidth.

MIT student develops Sixth Sense

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The video will convey the story far better than I can.  In summary, imagine a wearable computer/projector that turns surfaces into computers.  The world becomes your monitor.  Then, Minority Report style, the computer detects your hand motions and provides you with information based on the world around you. 

Point the sensor at a barcode and it tells you about the project.  The sensor detects a person, id’s them, and gives you more info about them.

The presenter claims that this can be produced NOW for about the same price as a cell phone.

Full story:

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